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John Becker: Every time a guy figures out the rules you women change 'em. You know if we're attentive all of a sudden we're smothering, if we need you we're co-dependant, if we don't need you we're emotionally cut off.

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John Becker: Melvesky better have a damn good reason for not being here. Regina "Reggie" Kostas: Becker, I didn't know you had a cell phone. John Becker: I only use it for emergencies-like proving you wrong. John Becker: [as date is leaving in disgust from his changed personality] Come one Beth, you gotta believe me. From wild comments on masturbation, his desperate and failing Mayer was 32 at the time of those interviews, and has spent much of the past eight years trying to undo their damage.Now, at 40, he’s conscious of the way those interviews’ legacies lived on: “The elephant in the room is that we’re sort of talking about the double-headed dragon of the .If you’re unfamiliar with John Bytheway, you’ll love his easy-going and honest style.He is an incredible public speaker and has a gift with words.

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